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Cothill House

Cothill House

Meet the staff



  • Duncan Bailey


    Duncan Bailey


    I am extremely proud to be Headmaster at Cothill House, where I had such fun as a boy. After Cothill, I went on to Eton before studying French at Manchester University and German at the University of Vienna. As well as being a keen linguist, I love all sports, particularly playing tennis, and spending time with my family.

    My favourite Cothill event: Our Rock Festival, Rockhill, is a firm favourite but seeing the boys’ faces when we announce their Common Entrance success is unbeatable.

  • Maria Bailey

    Head of Boarding

    Maria Bailey

    Head of Boarding

    Having taken an MA degree in education at the University of Vienna, I am an English, French and German teacher. Professionally I have taught in Austria, France and England - and then threw myself into the boarding world at Eton when Duncan taught there. We then spent eight years running Sauveterre before coming back to Cothill. I am immersed in all areas of Cothill life, and, as Head of Boarding, every day I am busy putting the boys to bed, giving them German lessons, supporting the teams on the games fields, painting the stage sets and hiding behind the school camera!

  • Mark Rusby

    Deputy Headmaster

    Mark Rusby

    Deputy Headmaster

    I emerged from the wilds of Dartmoor with my young, rain soaked family in 1983, ready to dry out in Oxfordshire; I was only going to stay a year…. Since that distant time, Cothill has become a second home and it has been wonderful to be part of this unique community. I began as a Physics teacher but I moved to the Maths Department. I help the school tick along by sorting out timetables and duties while trying not to be too bossy. I cannot quite believe that I have been deputy since 1990.

    Likes: Geometry, stage lighting, pretending to be a rock star by singing in the staff band, motorbikes.

    Dislikes: arranging lesson cover during breakfast.

  • Tim Hodgetts

    Second Master, Librarian

    Tim Hodgetts

    Second Master, Librarian

    I joined Cothill in 1986 and have never left. I teach English to the top two years - where boys discover that I actually have a sense of humour - and also look after the School Library. I have a raft of other responsibilities, most of which have something to do with paper, and since my hair turned grey I am treated with more respect than I deserve.

    Favourite film: 'A Canterbury Tale' (Powell & Pressburger, 1944)

    Favourite Book: 'The Wind in the Willows' (Kenneth Grahame, 1908)

  • James Foster

    Director of Sport

    James Foster

    Director of Sport

    I arrived at Cothill with splashes of grey in my beard after 9 years working as an assistant cameraman in the Great British Film Industry. Creative opportunities at Cothill continued in the History department, as Head of General Studies, director of various school plays, and most recently taking on the evolution of the sports department. As promotion and responsibility has been embraced, so has baldness. Will either continue?

    Best school event: The Feast, our exceptional Christmas meal.

  • Nicholas Compton-Burnett

    Deputy Head, Academic

    Nicholas Compton-Burnett

    Deputy Head, Academic

    After a number of years in the City followed by adventures with a computer start-up business, I landed back on terra firma in my early thirties at Cothill. Since then, I have taught French, General Studies, Latin and English to scholarship level. Whilst no thesp, I love the fact that every lesson is a small performance of some kind. Under my leadership of Cothill's Academic approach have come General Studies, Theme Weeks (a school institution) and the now very much embedded Accelerated Reader programme. I play the drums (rather badly) but love participating in the staff band. When I am not on site, I can be found bouncing on sofas at home or flying kites with my two pocket jokers, aged 5 and 6.

    Favourite things about Cothill? The boys’ sense of humour and yard cricket (but my own innings seem to be getting shorter for some reason).

  • Richard Sutton

    Deputy Head, Pastoral

    Richard Sutton

    Deputy Head, Pastoral

    As well as being Deputy Head, Pastoral, I am the school's the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), responsible for the wellbeing of all the boys. Alongside my DSL commitments, I can be seen leading boys on trips to the Somme Battlefield or giving the school 1st XI batsmen the benefit of the doubt as an umpire. I have been at Cothill for 16 years in various guises: Director of Sport, Head of various Academic departments and hamming it up in numerous cameo roles in the school plays.

    Advice to a newcomer: 1. It is a brilliant school, get involved in everything and make the most of all the opportunities. 2. Have lots of fun, you will never get a better chance!

  • Alix Anson

    Head of Learning Support

    Alix Anson

    Head of Learning Support

    I love nothing more than the challenge of restoring a boy's confidence by teaching him how to make learning as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Along with two members of my team, I am the co-author of WordBlaze - a multisensory phonic scheme which brings reading and spelling alive with colourful stories and pictures: once you have drawn a "Thief in Briefs," the 'ie' rule tends to stick for good! As Cothill's literacy and numeracy assessment lead, I meet potential new boys during their assessments and offer insight and guidance prior to their arrival.

Teaching Staff

  • Kelly-Marie Andrews - Director of Music
  • Ralf Arneil - Head of Latin
  • Adam Asher - Houseparent at Chandlings
  • Fiona Asher - Houseparent at Chandlings, Head of French
  • Victoria Bass - Head of Literacy
  • John Carver - Head of I.C.T.
  • Louise Clark - Pottery
  • Hattie Crump - English
  • Karen Dalton - Learning Support
  • Chala Dodds - English and Art
  • Adam Ferry - Maths
  • Rory Griffiths - English
  • Ed Hawkins - Director of Sports Development, Head of General Studies
  • Stephen Heames - Head of Design
  • Peter Hill - Head of Maths
  • Robin Howard - Learning Support and EFL.
  • Graham Howell - Music & Latin
  • Ruth Humphreys - Science
  • Sarah Hutchison - Learning Support
  • James Jacob - History
  • Scott James - I.C.T.
  • Stephen Johnson - Science
  • Denholm Johnston - Outdoor Learning
  • Richard Jones - Head of Science
  • Alex Kidd - Year 4 Houseparent
  • Liscia Lacarain - French
  • Kyle Langman - Houseparent, Main House, & Geography
  • Mike Marley - Geography
  • Liz McPhail - Learning Support
  • Tim Perry - Chaplain
  • Tony Plowman ('PC') - Woodwork
  • Emma Rayner - Head of English
  • Elizabeth Sutton - French 
  • Stephen Taylor - Music
  • Dmitri Tolstoy - Latin
  • Sam Whitehead - Maths
  • Alice Williams Year 5 Houseparent
  • Robbie Williams Year 5 Houseparent
  • Mary Wilson - Head of Art


  • Hannah Bloch (Maternity cover: Anthony Edwards) Visiting LAMDA teacher
  • Simon Murdoch - Golf Professional
  • Olly Carr - Head Tennis Coach
  • Tim Archard - Climbing Instructor

Pastoral Staff

  • Jacqui Pridmore - Head Matron
  • Elaine Harris - Senior Matron
  • Amélie Kopff - Senior Matron
  • Yvonne Peacock - Senior Matron
  • Jenny Barrett - Matron at Bowlers
  • Charelle Nairne - Matron
  • Hannah Fairlie - School Nurse
  • Rosi Sutton - School Nurse
  • Samantha Wing - School Nurse
  • Visiting GPs Dr Aintzane Ballestero & Dr Diana McEwen



    School Office Staff

    • Jane Woodcock  - School Secretary & Registrar
    • Sophie Willis - Headmaster’s PA
    • Jen Dowding - Assistant Secretary
    • Karen Sutton  - Domestic Bursar
    • Lucinda Grafton - Marketing Manager
    • Rachel Nickerson - Alumni Relations

    Support Teams

    Catering Staff

    • Steven Garnett - Catering Manager
    • Kendra Bell - Duty Cook
    • Katharine Moore - Duty Cook
    • Hazel Benfield - Duty Cook
    • Michele Garnett - Duty Chef
    • Jason Bufton - Duty Chef 
    • Anne Nicholls - Catering Assistant
    • Denise Wiseman - Catering Assistant
    • Jana Sucha - Catering Assistant
    • Brenda Stimpson - Match Teas

    Grounds Staff

    • Rob Maskrey - Head Groundsman
    • Pete England - Assistant Groundsman
    • Ellis Wellstead - Assistant Groundsman
    • Linda Butler - Gardener
    • Lawrence Dunn - Maintenance
    • Shaun Bayliss - Maintenance
    • Aidan Quick - Maintenance

    Domestic Staff

    • Joanne Haynes - Supervisor
    • Helen Empson
    • Maria Kimbrey
    • Cora Benterman 
    • Karen Capon
    • Teresa Parker
    • Justine Parry
    • Alejandro Chano Chimbo
    • Ariclea Tervel Sales Zuliani
    • Heraldo Zuliani
    • Evelyn Grisales

    Laundry Staff

    • Janet Antcliffe
    • Julie Walker
    • Nikki Benton

    Evening & Weekend Team

    • Marina Wasilewski
    • James Burt
    • Stacey Haynes
    • Sergio Perello
    • Gillian Barrett
    • Lauren Stimpson
    • Marcos Stollmeier
    • Vilmar Bitzer
    • Anne McGrath


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