Curricular Themes

In recent years the school has embarked on a variety of Theme Weeks during the autumn term, devoted to themes that would surely capture the imagination of our boys. These have included memorable periods of history, including the Medieval Period, the Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Victorian Era, and 1st World War, but we have also celebrated an entire week of 'Flight', ‘Power, 'Walking with Giants' and all things S.T.E.M. related. These themes have enabled the boys to study them in the context of each of the school subjects in the curriculum, whether that be in science, music, drama, English, history, French or sport. Whatever the theme in question, the weeks have always concluded with a delicious feast/banquet/meal at which staff have turned out in elaborate fancy dress befitting of the occasion! These weeks have proved wonderfully educational for the boys and a highlight of the year for all concerned. Photos can be seen by clicking on the links below: