A Typical Day

All boys at Cothill are boarders, and follow a daily routine that quickly becomes familiar, although it varies depending on the day of the week. Wednesdays and Saturdays are always half-days, on which there are lessons in the morning and matches in the afternoons. Sports (games) take place every day during the week except on Thursdays, when the afternoons are set aside for extra-curricular clubs instead. An academic Prep takes place between 6.15-7.15pm every weekday evening, although the juniors will often spend this time doing activities such as woodwork, design and pottery. 

We invited a professional photographer to record a day at Cothill.  See cothillportraits.co.uk to immerse yourself in life at Cothill.

7.30 Wake up, getting dressed & washed
7.45 Breakfast in the Dining Room
8.00-8.30 Free Time
8.30-9.00 Form Period, Weekly Reports, Hymn Practice or School Prayers
9.00-11.00 Lessons 1-3
11.00 Free Time ('Short Break')
11.20-12.30 Lessons 4-5
12.30-1.20 Junior Lunch & Rest
12.30-1.00 Lunch
1.00-1.20 Rest
1.30-2.30 Junior Games
2.30-3.00 Free Time
3.00-3.40 Lesson 6
3.40-4.20 Free Time ('Long Break')
4.20-5.00 Lesson 7
5.00-5.30 Junior Tea & Rest
5.30-6.15 Free Time
6.15-7.15 Prep (Activities)
12.30-1.20 Free Time ('Lunch Break')
1.20-1.50 Senior Lunch
1.50-2.20 Rest
2.30-3.30 Senior Games
3.40-4.20 Free Time ('Long Break')
4.20-5.40 Lessons 7&8
5.40-6.00 Senior Tea
6.00-6.15 Free Time
6.15-7.15 Prep (Activities)