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Cothill House

Cothill House

Vision, aims & values

Cothill House provides an inspirational education and unrivalled boarding opportunities for boys in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside where:

  • Each boy is treated as an individual, nurtured and encouraged to find his strengths and develop his independence.
  • Staff instil a love of discovery and learning amongst the boys, and build their confidence.
  • Boys are prepared for the challenges they will encounter at future schools and are taught how to learn.
  • Boys are encouraged to embrace teamwork, be happy, busy and polite.
  • The qualities of leadership, kindness, truthfulness and respect for others are nourished.
  • A wide range of opportunities are provided to inspire, enable and embolden all boys, and assist in their personal, social, academic, physical and cultural development.

As a full boarding school, Cothill House aims to provide a friendly and caring boarding environment that reflects the atmosphere and ethos of home and seeks:

  • To create an open and trusting atmosphere where boys feel able to approach any member of the school community, confident that they will be listened to and treated as an individual.
  • To develop a climate of tolerance, kindness and trust where harassment, teasing and bullying will never flourish.
  • To provide the conditions where boarders’ intellectual, physical and emotional needs are met, in an environment which values effort, achievement, kindness and empathy.
  • To safeguard and promote the welfare of every boarder, by providing an environment that is, as far as is possible, free from physical hazards or dangers.
  • To provide a variety of wholesome, tasty and nourishing food for all boys.
  • To develop the boys’ sense of responsibility for self, others and the environment.
  • To provide supportive links with parents and guardians.
  • To provide accommodation that is comfortable, cheerful and suited to the needs of all boarders and which provides appropriate levels of privacy.