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Cothill House

Cothill House

Entry level boarding (Year 4)

When I asked the boys what they remembered about their first day at Cothill, they all took their time to reflect. Some said they were nervous and scared, some were excited yet sad to leave home, and some were just really happy to dive into the mountain of Lego.

I am constantly amazed at how quickly the boys become a solid unit and I am really proud and honoured to be part of this process as the year progresses.  The art of ensuring that the boys remain happy and motivated is to keep them busy. Clearly the academic part of the school life fills most of their day, along with sport, so the pastoral focus is every evening and at the weekends.

Of course, organisation is required but also a huge dose of fun and games, as, along with the Matrons and Mrs Bailey, we are the surrogate parents of a group of eight year olds.

After Prep, the boys file up to the dorm to meet the Dorm Matron, who offers 5 star beauty treatment including health checks, manicure and hair wash! Once they have been totally overhauled, their laundry bagged up and all dressed in various multi-coloured PJs, the boys are let loose in the dining room for supper, which they attack with gusto!

Alex Kidd
Entry Level Boarding

We then meet in Dexter’s Room to discuss the day. Each night we spend twenty minutes reading, either individually, in a group, or to senior boys. Then it’s generally time for fun before lights out.

Team building exercises are very popular, including den building, where the boys have to create the best camps between the dorms from various items borrowed from the drama department. Nerf gun wars are as popular as ever. Shoe polishing, whilst an important part of the day, provides a lot of fun with most of the polish ending up anywhere but the shoes!

Various calendar events are also a highlight for the boys: trick or treating, Easter egg hunts, Legoland, water parks, camping and much more.

There are many other members of staff who contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of our youngest boys: Mrs. Bailey, Jacquie and the team of exceptional matrons as well as Mr. Jones who delivers top notch story-telling.