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Cothill House

Cothill House

150th Anniversary Events Attendees

If you can't see a name you expected to find, please note that some attendees have elected not to have their names listed on this page but have been added as a Cothillian with their leaving year*.  If you have not yet purchased a ticket but would like to attend, click here.  Please contact with any questions.

Old Cothillians' London Drinks Reception

1950 - 1969

Roderick Chamberlain
George Clowes
David Brocklehurst
Nick Taylor
Wold Palmer
Peter Briggs
Mark Lakin
Michael Abel Smith

1970 - 1989

Mark Bannister
David Stephenson
Adrian Bull
Francis Burkitt
Angus Fanshawe
Dan Goodhart
Tom Lalonde
Angus Gordon-Lennox
Christian Warman
Oliver Winters
Martin Binyon
Dominic Pearson
Ruadhri Duncan
Robert Fanshawe
Richard Farleigh
Philip Ley
Ed Steel
Christopher Figg
Ken Welby
George Hankey
Mark Nesbitt
Will Vernon Miller
James Ormerod

Cothill House Staff and former staff

Duncan and Maria Bailey
Jane Woodcock
Tim Hodgetts
Mark Rusby
Elaine Harris
Richard Sutton
Ed Hawkins
Robbie Williams
Simon Murdoch
Kelly Andrews

Neil and Tracy Brooks - Headmaster 2003 - 2011
Rachel Richardson - wife of Adrian, Headmaster 1976 - 2003



1990 - 2013

Alexander Banbury
Ralph Banbury
Ed Thaw
Peter Ewert
Nick Dogilewski
James Gray
Philip Hoare
Rupert Jupp
David Miller
Tom Welchman
George Moss
James Palmer
Michael Parsons
Tom Pearson
James Potter
Jamie Priestley
Ben Coleridge Cole
Mark Richmond-Watson
William Sumner
Edward Webster
Guy Tobin
Alex St John Webster
Jonathan Wiggin
George Winters
Henry Ziff
Johnnie Buchanan
Arthur Blount
William Hillgarth
Dillon Jeffares
Angus Beddall
Percy Lendrum
Jamie Robson
Ed Whyte
Henry Lakin
Bertie Beor Roberts
Tom Jackson
Leander Cadbury
Christopher Oppenheim
Oliver Eden
*Cothillian 1995
*Cothillian 1995

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