V-Badge, Groups, Weeklies, Good Marks & Reports

The Cothill year groups are as follows:


Year 4  (6’s)   Sixes
Year 5  (5’s)   Fives


Year 6  (L’s)   Lower Removes
Year 7  (M’s)  Middle Removes
Year 8  (R’s)   Removes & 1S


The Houses are called Groups.  There are six of them:


Everyone belongs to a Group and tries to win Points in the termly competition. Points are accumulated through Weekly Reports, Good Marks, Distinctions and Merits (see below). Good Marks are awarded by staff for work of a high standard, or simply for running errands and doing jobs around the school. Boys regard one Good Mark as modest and any more than five as extraordinary. 

Morning Sir, do you have any jobs for good marks, please?’
— is a question often heard in the Cothill playground!

A boy’s Group and individual scores of Points and Good Marks are displayed on the notice board at the front of the Complex.  For every 10 Good Marks, a boy will receive an additional 2 Points.


Good Marks mean points, and points mean prizes - the ultimate accolade being the V-Badge trip at the end of term, open to all boys who have reached the minimum points requirement. V-Badge destinations change each year but have typically included trips to the Pantomime, LegoLand, Cadbury's World, Coral Reef, Thorpe Park and Woburn Safari Park, as well as outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing and Laser Quest etc. V-Badge treat days always end with a delicious V-Badge Tea back at school, complete with all the trimmings!  

Weekly Reports

Boys’ academic work is marked regularly and each week boys receive a Weekly Report, which not only has a brief comment from each of a boy’s academic teachers, but also Points, a mark out of ten from the Headmaster (DMB).  These range from 10 (excellent) to 5 (shocking). A single bad comment for behaviour will result in a boy receiving a low mark.  Weekly Reports are pinned up in boys’ form rooms.

Distinctions & Merits

To help a boy amass Points - and to encourage excellence - Staff may also award Distinctions or Merits to boys for their work. Each Distinction is worth 10 Points, and a Merit, 2 Points.  Work which has been awarded a Distinction is shown to DMB. In the Art Dept. Shows are awarded; DMB awards Points for Shows at the end of term.

Bad Marks

Boys may be awarded Bad Marks for very poor work or behaviour.


End of term Reports

At the end of each term, every boy receives a full set of reports covering every subject, including music, art and games.  These reports are posted home a week after term has finished.