Saturday 14th Nov: Revolutions in Science & Music

Assembly on Saturday kicked of with the T-Rex (aka the staff band) performing Children of the Revolution.  MER’s purple flares and huge afro were particularly striking.

This was followed by AKA demonstrating in various ingenious ways how energy is transferred including Newton’s cradle and a big weight suspended from the ceiling which narrowly missed rearranging Mr Asher’s jaw.

There followed a fascinating explanation by DGH of how in music, just like other art forms currently on display in the complex (pottery and painting inspired by Picasso and painting inspired by Andy Warhol), composers have always been striving to take the next step forward, building on whatever their forerunners have created.

We were thus privileged to witness the world premier of a truly revolutionary piece in which a blindfolded conductor (DGH) was rotated in a swivel chair and wherever he came to a stop those musicians whom he was then facing would be required to play a set musical phrase.  An empty chair meant that no one played whilst a pile of boys’ teddy bears meant that all 9 musicians were to play simultaneously.

It came to an end with DGH falling to the floor, finally succumbing to his dizziness inducing rotating and to huge applause from all in the auditorium.


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French Revolution Feast (Fri 13th Nov)

No Cothill theme week would be complete without the traditional Feast, and today's was a true banquet in every sense of the word. Many thanks to Mrs B. and her brilliant team in the dining room for treating the boys to a meal that contained over 800 individually hand made delicacies, and a stirring chorus from Les Mis. as well. This was surely a day that will live long in the memory for the boys. The album below contains over 100 photos, including, of course, some wonderful fancy dress from the staff!


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French Dept Drama Sketch - The French Revolution (1789-99)

In prayers this morning the boys were treated to a fabulous re-enactment of the famous French Revolution by members of the French department, dressed in wonderful costumes and, of course, taking full advantage of the school guillotine!


Theme Week Debate (12 Nov)

The Battle of The Boffins took place in front of the whole school as 1S and 2S debated the importance of the wheel over the internet. Without knowing beforehand which side they would have to argue, all Boffins had to think on their feet, not least when scrutinised by the rest of the school. Impressive speeches and good questioning kept everyone thinking and entertained! Watch the video of the debate here.



Revolution in Music: The Sixes as THE BEATLES (10 Nov)


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'Victorian' Football Match (9 Nov)

Not so much 'revolution' as a must-include feature of any Cothill Theme Week!


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Revolution Week is now underway!

A summary grid of all that is planned can be seen here