L2 Blindfold Lesson

L2 spent a day blindfolded last week. Each boy had a sighted partner to help him get dressed, eat meals and navigate throughout the day. The boys went to lessons as normal but were unable to see. The idea was not only to experience daily life without sight but to learn how it feels to have someone utterly dependent on you. The boys took the day very seriously and were delighted and frustrated in equal measure.

Junior Poetry Cup

On Friday, 23 June, 11 finalists served up a treat as they competed in the Junior Poetry Cup.  We again welcomed back Mrs Veronica Thorneloe to Cothill to judge this prestigious competition.  Harry Pearson, the defending champion, got us off to a terrific start with his engaging rendition of 'Jabberwocky', and then other 10 finalists were flawless in their lines and delivery.  Their overall excellence made it a very difficult decision for the judges, but in the end, Joshua Lee was awarded the Cup for his recital of 'A Bird came down the Walk' by Emily Dickinson.  Special commendations went to George Wight, Percy Robb and Harry.  All the finalists are to be congratulated for a memorable final and for their ambition in their choice of poets - Blake, Stevenson, Auden, Coleridge, Rosen - amongst many others.  What a way to start to a Friday morning!