'Open House' Parent/Teacher Meetings

Parents are given a formal opportunity to talk to the teachers once a term.  These events are called Open Houses and occur on the same day the boys receive their Orders.  Guide sheets can be collected from the bottom of the Library stairs from 2pm on the day.

Open Houses Timings

For the parents of Sixes and Fives:

  • 2pm, Friday of Quarter Term Exeat

For the parents of Lower & Middle Removes:     

  • 2pm, Friday of Half Term

For the parents of Leavers:                                     

  • 2pm, Friday of Three-Quarter Term Exeat

More informal discussions may be had when returning boys to school at the end of Exeats and Half Terms.  If you wish to speak to the Headmaster at any time, an appointment can be made through Jane in the Office.