Junior Poetry Competition (Thurs 18th June)

In memory of Cothill old boy, Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Thorneloe

On the morning of Friday, 20 July the whole school was treated to a journey through poetry.  The 11 finalists recited a whole variety of poems from the comic and whimsical poems to the drama and emotion of T.S.Elliot, Betjeman and Noyes as they competed for this prestigious Poetry Cup.  All the finalists demonstrated remarkable talent as they captivated the audience with their ambitious choice of poems.  

They made it a very difficult decision for the judge, Mrs Thorneloe.  But in the end, there could be just one overall winner.  The Cup was awarded to William Parker for his excellent rendition of ‘Playground Monster’  by Pie Corbett.  Special commendation went to Ollie Sutton for ‘The Highwayman’, William Hyde for ‘Bored’ and Inigo Atkinson for ‘Catch a Little Rhyme’.

Thank you to all the finalists for such a memorable, hilarious and moving start to a Thursday morning.

The finalists were:

Geordie Maddan  
Al Bligh  ‘A Diary of a Church Mouse’
William Hyde ‘Bored’
Charlie Courtney ‘Another Note from Mum’
Inigo Atkinson ‘Catch a Little Rhyme’
Nicholas Carvajal ‘Swinging’
Ollie Sutton ‘Highwayman’
Edward Wingfield
Cally Middleton
Ben Seymour-Smith
Will Parker 'Playground Monster'