Drama / School Plays

All boys are encouraged to take part in drama during their time at Cothill, and the opportunities to do so are plentiful. For many boys these will be remembered amongst the highlights of their time at the school. The school theatre represents a very different environment from the classroom and playing fields, but provides the boys with an abundance of opportunities to master new skills in both preparation and performance. As a school we are very proud of the quality of our productions, and the photos and video snippets on this site represent nothing more than a taster! 

SENIOR PLAYS are for those boys in the top two years of the school, and the final performance takes place on the final evening of the Spring Term. Recent productions have included Oklahoma (2015), My Fair Lady (2014) and Mary Poppins (2013), some photos of which can be seen below:

JUNIOR PLAYS are for boys in their first two years, and take place on the eve of Half Term during the Spring Term each year. Recent productions have included Pirates of the Curry Bean (2015), Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Lip Ticklers (2014), and Yee Ha! (2013). Some photos are shown below:

Although the Junior and Senior plays cater for boys at the higher and lower ends of the school, the boys in the middle year (the so-called Lower Removes or Ls) have in recent years been helped to deliver a production of their own during the summer term. Recent plays have included The Clouds (2013), and A Midsummer Night's Dream (2014), both of which were performed outdoors on two glorious summer's evenings. Some photos of both can be seen below: