Cothill Vocabulary

A verb or a noun.  If you make a mistake, you ‘Bish up’.

The classroom block.

Going round the corner
Going to the loo!

Grub or Tuck
Sweets, crisps etc.  Keep grub in your Tuck Box.

Good Marks
You receive Good Marks for good work or being helpful.
You ‘post’ them in your Group box in the Complex and they are counted up every week or two.

Bad Marks
Thank goodness, these are rare ...

Teachers award Distinctions for excellence.  They are worth 5 Points and the Headmaster sees your work.

Like Distinctions, but they are only worth 2 Points.

These are reports, which you will receive nearly every week.  Each of your teachers makes a brief comment on your work and then the Headmaster awards you Points.  A five out of ten is pretty poor, a seven is average and a ten is brilliant.
Weeklies are pinned up in your classroom.

These are pinned up in the Complex, and show you how many Points and Good Marks you have altogether.

V Badge
If you receive a certain number of Points each term, you are awarded your yellow V Badge (even though no one has worn an actual badge for years).  A few more Points and you get your red V Badge.  The red badge means you will go on the end of term Treat.   A few boys even manage to be awarded their green V Badge, and receive a special prize.

Each quarter term, an Order is pinned up in your classroom.  This shows you your marks and positions in each subject.

This is what we call Assembly and it takes place several times each week in the Hall.

After lunch (and sometimes after tea), boys sit quietly in a classroom with a book or some work to do.

For most of the School (not the Sixes), this is an hour’s silent work after tea, Monday to Friday.